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When you have an unwanted piece of paper in a classroom, and you don't feel like wasting the energy (And creating the awkward moment when everyone looks at you when you get up and throw something away) by walking to the trash can to throw it away. So instead, you tap your neighbor on the shoulder and say "Check this". While you crunch up the piece of paper, you imagine yourself making a perfect shot into the trash can in slow motion. As you release the paper ball one of two things can happen: 1)You already know you completely missed and you will look like a complete idiot for wasting your neighbor's (And possibly the girl you still need to ask out's) time to see you throw a piece of paper on the ground. 2) You will make the impossible shot directly into the trash can and get thumbs up and pats on the backs by everyone who saw you perform the feat.
*Takes place in a boring science lesson
Man 1: Yo bro, check out my skills.
Man 2: Go for it.
*Man 1 makes the shot
Man 2: Dude, you have got some serious Classroom Hoops skills!
by duckinator617 July 27, 2010
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