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A stupid white girl who absolutely adores Starbucks, wears uggs even in summertime, can not get enough of nash grier's blue eyes even though he's a dick. She is also consumed with her looks and usually will put people down or purposely annoy the shit out of them. The perfect image of a classic white girl is a Caucasian female wearing a pink crop top that says some stupid phrase like "you got a bae or nah" with a white tank top underneath, black lulu lemon yoga pants, a Starbucks in one hand, phone in the other and grey wool ugg boots and short mixed blonde hair. She also is failing math because she "can't even"
White girl: omg you have to try this new Starbucks drink it's literally so delish, totally worth fifteen dollars. Oh my god I can't even!
Me: shut the fuck up you worthless classic white girl, there's other places to get a goddamned iced coffee!
by aHuman June 12, 2014
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