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1. A less well known substitute for Natty Ice. Brewed by the experts at Milwaukee's Premium Brewing Company, it is 6.0 percent alcohol, but somehow manages to have a far more palatable flavor, especially after the first few are consumed. It has been suggested that the best way to have your first one or two of the night is to shotgun them. Dirt cheap, better tasting, and the official beer of the Jive Turkeys, classic is the classy ice beer.

2. Classic Ice kills more brain cells, causes more stupid decisions, and leads to more fun than your weak Natural Light. Shotgun it, funnel it, pour it in a fancy glass and discuss philosophy while drinking it; just remember, you can’t have just one.
Every Friday afternoon we need to go to the brewthru to buy 30 racks of delicious Classic Ice.

Dude, I shotgunned so many Classics last night I couldn't even stand up.

Will: Hey Mark, what do you call Classic Ice?
Mark: The True College Beer.
by TheSuze November 11, 2007
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