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Clappydoo.....A term used to describe a ladies vagina. Other common examples include rat, vag, minge, cunt, hole, manhole, pussy, wizards sleeve etc etc. Yes we have many words for them but no, we should never tire of them!

1. Is a term often used north of the border when speaking in a ladies company to disguise the conversation.

2. Is used to be very upfront to the lesser educated lass.

3. A female friendly pet name for her furry friend to be used in relationships. To avoid such words as Cunt, Fanny & Rat, some of these may spoil a romantic moment.
1."How did it go last night mate?" "Aye went well mate" "Clappydoo any good?" "Aye mate best iv tasted/had in a while" "Aye you cant beat a good bit of Clappydoo"

2. "Jordan-Shows yer Clappydoo ya wee slut"
" Get yer Clappydoo out for the lads"

3. "I love giving your Clappydoo a right good seeing to"
"Out of all the Clappydoo's iv tasted-and believe me there's been alot- yours is still by far the best one yet-mum"
"Fancy a bit of Clappydoo after Dinner, dad?"
"Oh thats it baby, lick my Clappydoo...your the best brother a sister could ever ask for"
by Scoobydont July 15, 2009
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