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ClanFuQ is an organization founded in 1999. Located on the gamesurge irc network in #clanfuq. The catch prase for said channel is "Drama all the time".
FROM: #clanfuq

<RmAgDn> owchies?
<RmAgDn> owchies is when you and yer buddy crank it up in yer garage till 530am.
<RmAgDn> sigh mf sigh
<ryanWRK> lmao
<RmAgDn> me and wes got fuqn owned
<RmAgDn> -_-
<ryanWRK> did you hold dicks?
<ryanWRK> rofl
<RmAgDn> i tried to....
<ryanWRK> rofl!
by serotonin October 17, 2006
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