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The constant narrowing of the ocular opening after consuming vast amounts of the marajuana
"Jake, open them there clam peepers, your falling asleep!"
by Diddy2 September 18, 2005
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After excessive use of cocaine, you find yourself in a huge pile of dirty laundry, trying to blend yourself in with it with your forearms crossing your face because you are beyond paranoid and think that the police are coming to get you! You unlock your forearms like a clam opening its shell to peep out to check for the police then close them to re-blend yourself into your pile of dirty laundry! See also "peeper"!
Dawg #1: Walks into Dawg #2's nasty ass apartment, "Yo,you here"? (no answer). Dawg walks around in the nastiness of the house!

Dawg #2: "Yo"! Dawg #1 hear's Dawg #2's voice but can't find him. Suddenly the pile of dirty laundry begins to move.

Dawg #1: "What the hell! You look like a clam peeping out of its shell, you wigged out clam peeper"!

Dawg #2: "Fuck off man, the cops are coming for me"!

Dawg #1: "You're really fucked up man. Get your ass outta that pile of dirty laundry. You have a pair of skidded underwear wrapped around your face"!

Dawg #2: "Nah, really man the cops are coming for me"!

Dawg #1: "I'm outta here"!
by Dee N. Wyatt March 10, 2007
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