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the word that describs two females rubbing, humping, and/or thrashing their crotches together during the actions of lesbian intercores.
(Example #1)
guy #1: Hey, where did becky and sally run off to.
guy #2: Who cares we can't get any actoin from them. They are lesbians.
guy #1: god damn those Clam Boofers.

(Example #2)
guy #1: Pizza Hut, how many I help you?
guy #2: Yes, I'd like to order a three meat pizza.
guy #1: Ok, What toppings would you like.
guy #2: pepperoni, sausage, and Clam Boofer.
guy #1: Sorry Sir, but i think that we are out of Clam Boofer at the moment.
guy #2: HAHAHAHA
by Dan Stephens August 05, 2008
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