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Tends to be a nick-name for the coolest of the pack.

For a male = The lead singer of the band, the captain of the soccer team, awesome on guitar and extremely clever. Despite this, nobody hates him, because he's a genuinely nice guy!

For a female = Male Clals are the only guys she wants, which is fine because they'd have nothing less than a Clal. She's got the best taste in music, is the most talented sportsgirl she's great to have a laugh with, or a deep conversation. She's also up there with the brightest. Guys love her, which makes girl want to hate her, but they can't because she's too cool a person.

Both are gorgeous.
So, who's the Clal of your grade?

I love Clal.

"Clal should win" "Sure, she deserves to"
by Klinton October 29, 2006
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