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According to police officials from the LAPD WestValley gang unit, they are considered as a small-time hispanic street gang located in Reseda, California on the west side of the San Fernando Valley 818. Although they are known as a stoners, they still align themselves with Surenos in jail. The clique was created 2008 by few kids who grew up and lived in the same neighborhood and got high and drunk on Claire Avenue after school. There would be 40 of them on the street every day cars & people wouldnt go there. They were known to sell meth, coke, weed, noz, & xanax. They also hung out and partied on other streets in their neighborhood Beckford Ave, Cohassett St, Valerio St, Vanalden Ave, and Sherman Way. The area they are known to claim is mainly between Tampa Ave and Saticoy Street. They have few allies SUR13 but many enemies few included are Bryant Street, Temple Street, and Dead End Gangster Crips. CSLS the intials of Claire Street Locos which have 24 to 30 members. Shootings, drug raids, stabbings, assaults, murders, and robberys taken place in their neighborhood. Police and detectives worked quickly to arrest its main members and dismantle the group but failed. Many of its members moved out or arent active anymore. Since 2014, CSLS has remained inactive but still hold a presence in the area from few members who still cause activity. This group is not to be confused with Clarence Street Locos gang in Boyle Heights, Ca. CSL13 or Clara Street C13CST gang in Cudahy, Ca.
I heard some guys from Claire Street Locos shot up the halloween party last night after they had a big rumble on the street with some enemies.
by Reseda Resident August 10, 2018
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