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Toxia City, or Toxia, is in reference to the LARP (Live Action Roleplay) in Second Life.

The city is based in a post apocalyptic city after a chemical factory releases toxins into the air, water, and ground, causing it's denizens to mutate into horrific creatures and slowly destroy itself. The city is left in ruins but creatures of every sort and being start taking over the city over time... The city is by itself, on an island after the explosion of the factory broke the city off by itself, setting it adrift and alone from the rest of the 'normal' world.

In the streets wanders vampires, demons, angels, werewolves, neko, mutants, supernatural humans, and of course, the lowest on the food chain, humans. Each race merge together to exists to be 'free' while some seek to be predators and dominate over the cityscape.

There are eight factions within the city limits: The Coven, The Continuum, The Shadows, The Pack, The Prowlers, The Righteous, The Illuminati, and The Ryders.

At the current moment there are three sims (zones) that make up the city.
"Apparently there's this city,the city of Toxia, that broke off from the country. Weird stuff happens there man, but no one ever comes back to really tell the tale. Except Bob. But he died after he had his leg bitten off by that werewolf."
by Cal Constantine January 17, 2010
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