Refers to the liquid waste excreted from The Dark Lord himself - comonly in strawberry and peach flavors fermented to the almost joke status of being called a wine. Cisco has known to be referred to as "Liquid Cocaine" or for more practical purposes, "Pipe Cleaner spilled on the floor of an abandoned Buffalo NY train station that eats through concrete faster than a Xenomorph's blood". Cisco, will fuck you in the asshole with a brick that has been dipped in Hepatitis and Fear. It is in the family with the common street wine Wild Irish Rose - except WIR would be a newborn baby and Cisco is the abusive step-father with boundary issues. Can also be used to power a Pratt&Whitney F-16 fighter jet engine or euthanize lab rats. Drinking this substance will lead to physical destruction and loss of memory....for up to the rest of your life. People have reported waking up in pools their own urine, vomit, feces and the broom closet of the YMCA in Rockport Maryland. The hangover that can result from Cisco is the equivalent of sticking your head up the ass of a Kentucky Derby horse in full sprint and being ejected into a brick wall all while undergoing Chemotherapy treatments that could kill an elephant. You are also guranteed to loose one friend while undergoing a Cisco bender and cause your father not to love you anymore; excessive violence has also been reported and wild violent threats to shut down the internet, (not yours the actual Internet) and falling off roofs.
Darren: you seen travis

Mike: he drank two bottles of Cisco Wine the other day on a dare; pulled out his penis in front of a Tourbus carrying "Sisters for Christ" senior leaders and woke up in the stormdrain he thought existed.

Darren:....he in jail?
Mike: yes hes in jail - the storm drain was a womens shelter.
by david magnolia June 26, 2010
The Kool aide from hell. This unearthly blend of burnt rubber, rubbing alcohol and possibly bum piss leads to hallucinations, mental retardation and lack of a home. Drinking a bottle leads to a 3 day hangover that the devil placed upon you himself. Also known as "liquid crack" this anitfreeze/cyanide concoction can also substitute for nail polish remover. If injected will cause tumors. Enjoy!
Scott: Why is Rhonda sleeping in a box under a bridge with no clothes?
Matt: oh she drank cisco wine last night
by Scott Balls August 21, 2008