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Not a sexual reference. It is like a head bang, but in a circular formation. Often used by those in the 'Metal' world. Death Metal, Metal, whatever your pleasure.
The other day at the show, A.J., Sherman, and Jimmy were all Circlebanging to the beautiful sounds of Death Metal.
by THE jimmyJAMES October 08, 2007
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Headbanging in a circular motion to match the beat of particularly fast metal songs where your neck just can't keep up.
That song was so crazy fast! I was circle banging like a madman!
by Icanhasbabies January 24, 2010
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The process of spinning your head in a buff & manly 360 degree motion. This is usually undertaken in a heated, agressive manner in appreciation to music of a heavy, violent nature. This action displays ego and muscle mass in the most hostile hardcore pits.
Holy shit i love Superjoint,what a fucking breakdown... lets circle bang fellas!
by Hanson Anselmo May 09, 2008
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