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It's a verb, to describe a state of mind and an action that comes with it. One can also cintlebrate without any aditional movements. This state or action combines the following: celebrating + integrating + calibrating = cintlebrating.

As a new age human one understands that celebration is a natural state of mind to discover from within.
Integration is a process to seek connectedness, truth and meaning behind several or all things around.
Calibrating states an ongoing process of adapting onesell, trying out what is found out on yourself, becoming what you know or getting to know.

So cintlebrating is like meditating just way better.
-What are you doing?
-I'm cintlebrating.

John walked into the room. All looked new - things, few unfamiliar people glancing at him. So he started to cintlebrate - he took katana out and by adapting to surroundings, still thinking what he can use in the room, jumped on the table and kicked plate with hot soup at one of the strangers. All was did with joy.. and that was just the begining of his everyday adventure.

Diana had a lot of events yesterday: was shopping, been to seminar, then went to some hobby club, from there few visited a place to dance. So this morning she sat on the pillow cintlebrating - remembering things and integrating those experiences into her life, adapting (calibrating) herself to the new her. All done with a slight smile.
by Vaidas Sarce January 12, 2012
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