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It is a "prank" that is played by Firefighters while bored at the fire station and looking for a good laugh.The whole point of it, is that not too many people are able to swallow One Table Spoon or PURE Cinnamon.So you find someone that thinks he (or) she can swallow a table spoon of PURE Cinnamon.You will be in for a Great show.. Remember to have a Camera around to capture this hilarious sight!Or to up the anti and have two people try it at the same time and see who can get it down first.Give the "victim" as much time as they need to swallow the whole table spoon.Then let them have water to get the taste out of his or her mouth after All of the Cinnamon is gone.. But they will most likely be spitting it out the second it hits their tongue!
Cinnamon Dragon

Bill: "Hey Tyler, I bet $20 you can not swallow this table spoon of Cinnamon".

Tyler: "Well I'm up for that challenge and I do believe I can get it down".
by Tyler J Morris October 29, 2008
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