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A large area containing mass numbers of annoying twats. Due to the lack of Blacks, the white people compensate by "becoming black". This involves insanely baggy pants, calling everyone "nigga" and grabbing their region where their junk should be in a pathetic attempt to be cool. They use words/phrases like "mayn","Shittttt, niggguhhhh", and "Oh damn son" on their myspaces, making them cool?

They hate their race, but love "dem hoes", and everyone knows the wiggers get all the girls... right.
"You see that faggot over there?"
"The queer grabbing his lack of a sack and pointing at a girl and saying "Oh shit son"?"
"Yeah, lets laugh at him."
"Careful, he might be packing"
"Yeah right, that bitch is a wigger"
"Fucking Cinco Ranch Wiggers"
by GreeneV2 July 26, 2006
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