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She is everything a guy could hope for and more. She is caring, pretty, cute, funny, beautiful, smart, and the biggest dork ever. She doesn't try to use people she cares about your feelings, even if some people are jealous *cough* *cough*.
Person 1: I feel so happy!!
Person 2: Why is that?
Person 1: Cilai cares about me.
Person 2: *Triggered*
by A really dumb dork April 17, 2017
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A spiteful woman who has no mercy. She will often have sex with many people at one time and then blame you anyone she can to get out of her own messes. Extremely manipulative and overall, a bitch.
Person 1: God I hate her!
Person 2: What's wrong?
Person 1: I just talked to Cilai
Person 2: Figures.
by Datboi293 February 25, 2017
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