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The name Cianne is given to a person (a girl) who is amazing and extremely beautiful. She can capture the most amazing parts in another human being and life, she also underestimates herself and denies most of their amazing talents. Their traits usually involve incredible knowledge, love, humor, acceptance etc.. (the list goes on). If ever with a Cianne make sure to treat them with pure love and respect as you will receive back what you give and the world back. Overall Cianne is an amazing person and undoubtedly perfect. She deserves a trusting and loving partner that will never hurt her and will forever be the best person ever.
Are you with Cianne?
Yes, why
by NICE KUNT July 10, 2018
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Ciannes are really hot and everyone knows them and loves them. They usually get lots of stalkers as a result
I wish I could be a cianne, my life would be so perfect
by hamatite July 17, 2016
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