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Killing yourself by jumping in front of the Chuo Line train in Tokyo. A popular choice because the parallel-running Chuo trains run under a lot of bridges which are easy to jump off of (instead of running on elevated tracks, like most Tokyo trains), and because the extremely long train platforms have no guard rails, there is nothing stopping you from jumping in front of that big yellow train roaring into the station at the speed of a car on the highway. The choice of either the Local or Rapid line means you can choose how many people you will inconvenience with your death.

Often, jumpers in Japan will take off their shoes and leave them on the platform/bridge as a sign to authorities that their death was not an accident. If you see someone taking off their shoes on the platform, then please, for their sake and the sake of millions of commuters, pull them away from the tracks.
(Upon seeing 'Chuo Line - Delay (Passenger Injury)') Damnit, that's the third time this week some salaryman committed Chuocide. Now I'll never get home in time for dinner.
by shakespearerules December 05, 2012
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