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A "Chumswaggle" (also known as chumswiggle and chumswaggow in other dialects) is a two or more person action that occurs when one person lifts his or her left leg in air while sitting, standing or lying down and then whatever follows from other particapants is a chumswaggle. There are many variations of the standard chumswaggle. Lifting your right leg instead of your left results in a "Yankee Chumswaggle" named after Americans choice to drive on the right side of the road (Chumswaggle originates from Britain, where they drive on the left, hence the left leg.) There is also the "Trans-Atlantic Chumswaggle" which is when you raise both your legs in the air. At this point you are prepared for anything to follow, whether it be a handshake, a massage, or sex anything can be a chumswaggle. In addition, there is also the "Butterfly Chumswaggle," the "Monkey Style," the latter requiring the chumswaggler to be hanging from something and the "Wheelbarrow," which tends to be more of a sexual nature.
"Doris liked to greet her gentlemen callers with a good chumswaggle."

"We chumswaggled all night."

"She gave me a proper, old fashioned chumswaggle."

"Don't just stand there, CHUMSWAGGLE!"
by P.316 January 30, 2010
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