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The killing off of a character previously introduced as, or given to be, a recognizable character adapted between media, and replacing that character with a younger namesake for the sake of arbitrarily observed "continuity".

Reference to the character {Henry} James "Jimmy" Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) being a contemporary of Clark Kent and Lois Lane for three seasons on 'Smallville', before being replaced by a heretofore unmentioned younger brother "Jimmy" Olsen, in an effort to conform to general Superman continuity in which Jimmy Olsen is much younger than Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and despite more glaring deviations from generally observed Superman continuity (e.g. Chloe Sullivan, Davis Bloome).

Also: Bump the Jimmy, Jump the Jimmy, Jimmy the Jimmy; or, -ed, -ied, the Jimmy.
WATCHERONE: Man, was that the lamest stunt with Dick Grayson, or what. Yeah, he's five years older than Bruce, but, wtf?

WATCHERTWO: Yeah, dude, they sure Chumped the Jimmy on that one.
by tipafo May 17, 2009
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