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Pronounced as "Chump A Na Saurus" or "Chump A Saurus" for short. A green mystical creature originally created by DJ Kontrol in the 80's LA/SGV party scene for the amusement of his close friends. From this time, this word has made it's way into the modern "Back to the 80's" crowd. Used to to describe a close friend and party-er with a pronounced pompadour called a "Diving board". A Chumpasaurus has an insatiable appetite for "Shenanigans and Hijinx" .A cross between disco heads from the 80's party scene coupled with the word "chump". Derived by taking a Chump and crossing with green fluffy cartoon dinosaur with a huge pompadour and dolphin shorts.
Hey, there "Chumpanasaurus", how's your taco? Chumpanasaurus, your taco is looking really good after that can of Aqua Net. You hear any good Hitler jokes lately, or perhaps spotting a few "B's" for amusement? What about them cat videos?
by Firepower2010 February 05, 2018
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