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noun. A popular drink among the idle and downtrodden youth of Colombia. The drink consists of Varsol (for a description of Varsol see Colombiana (the national soft drink of Colombia) usually in a 2:1 ratio. Before mixing, the Varsol is set en flambe to eliminate any impurities and its toxic components. Chumberlai should be consumed at your own risk. Statistics show that excessive consumption of Chumberlai results in a rapid transition from sober to death. For extra potency, Cunberlai can be administered rectally via a plastic funnel, but this practice almost certainly results in death without a hangover. All-in-all, Chumberlai is recommended only for suicidal candidates.
Don Carlo decided to spice up the party with a Chumberlai funnel. He didn't make it.
by Don Carlo March 10, 2009
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