Originally from the old 1984 awesome horror flick and is the acronym for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller.

This term is regarded as the WORST possible insult you can dish out on the social media circles today. When you call someone a CHUD you're basically calling them a flurry of cocktail of foul names. Synonyms would be foul, lethargic, morally bankrupt, severe physical unattractiveness, mindnumbingly stupid, brainwashed, probably has terrible hygiene, unable to comprehend sufficiently, or probably an unread zombie.

The best typical person on the internet you'd find that can be considered a Chud is trumpet troll.
Wow I just had the most worthless conversation with a cave troll Chud (C. H. U. D.) in the online group chat today! Trumpet Troll Ignorant Foul Mortifying Stupid
by Nasty Woman April 22, 2017
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