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Say you and your homies have gone out for a night on the town, and you've had a few too many blueberry cruisers. So after a taxi ride home that took you through the Maccas drive-thru for some sweet nugs, you decide to ditch your friends and rock up unannounced at a friends room only to jump under the doona. However, unlike the booty -call, chucking a raves is to have a sleep over with no intention of reaching penetration station.

Normally after chucking a raves the visitor will leave early in the am, in order to avoid meeting roomies or parents.

If an individual experiences several raves in a short period of time their bedroom may be reffered to as the 'Rave Cave'.
For example, "Dude I don't wanna bang her, I just wanna awkwardly cuddle her and leave at 6am..."
"Dude that's totally chucking a Raves"
by garthgarns May 24, 2017
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