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Chuckey Doak is a high school located in upper East Tennessee. Also referred to as "choke a dick" or "choke a duck", it's home to some of the most stuck up backwoods people you'll ever meet. The boys there tend to think they're cool if they drive a Nissan hardbody or are in the commons past 11 o'clock at night. Everyone has everyone elses nudes and if you go to the bathroom, there's probably going to be someone having sex. Or the parking lot. Or anywhere really. And all the girls think they're hot shit even though both they're eyes never look the same direction. If you talk to someone from there they're liable cheat on you with their cousin.
"Of course she'd fuck you, she's from chuckey doak."
by Wtfisyourproblemasshome February 11, 2017
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