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The Chuck Diesel is an alcohol drink.
It contains:
2 ounces of gin
2 ounces of vodka
1.5 ounces (or a shot) of roses lime juice
To make, fill a 12 or 16 ounce glass with ice, add gin, vodka, and lime juice, top off with sprite (or 7 up), and garnish with a few limes.
This drink is best when made with Bombay or Bombay Sapphire gin; Belvedere, Grey Goose, or Beefeater vodka; and roses lime juice.
This drink is sometimes called the Chuck, or the Diesel for short.
Customer: Yo, can I get a glass of Chuck Diesel?
Bartender: Sure, is Grey Goose and Sapphire gin good?
Customer: Sure is.
by C Martin August 21, 2005
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