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It's the strongest, most sinister weed on the planet. Smoking it will knock you out like a round house kick to the face. It's got 10 times the level of THC found in even the best weed. This weed is so hairy...not only does it have a has a mustache...just like Chuck! It is the only thing that could get Chuck Norris high, so it was named after him in his honor!

A.K.A. "Texas Ranger"
"Eh dog, you got any of that Chuck Norris Weed? Cause I'm fixin' to knock myself the fuck out?"

"You got any of that Chuck Norris? Cause I'm looking to Judo Chop my ass from this weed!"

"That shit MUST be Texas Ranger cause its above the law!"
by Brandon Evans December 04, 2007
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