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Kinda famous author that criticizes American pop-culture.
Though strewn throughout his works you may be reminded of a pre-teen boy with a big vocabulary, who has an alright life but wishes it was worse so he can complain about it more in his blog.
"I like Chuck Klosterman's writings. They're funny and satiric n all, I just wish he wasn't so almost annoyingly depressing at times."
by Haydoom December 21, 2008
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Chuck Klosterman is a bearded North-American bespectacled gopher, journalist for various magazines and the author of books of pop-culture analysis such as Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs. Often called the "angsty novelty-scholar nephew of Hunter S. Thompson" by no one, Klosterman picks up subjects such as movies, serial killers, 80's glam-metal and television where bored suburban teenagers left off and entertains his own witty opinions as creative subject matter.
His books can be found in the backpacks of most hipster photography majors and cited on blogs.

Klosterman is important in the world of pop-literature by ensuring the millions of trivia-surfing, internet-era college students that their sweeping opinions of today's culture based on surface-medias is damn good enough to be a well-rounded human.
Woody Allen surely could not have done Chuck's job any better.
Liam: "I never realized how whimsical it could be to talk about John Wayne Gacy but Chuck Klosterman makes it so easy you'd think the guy was as cool to have met as Elvis!"
Chadley: "Right?? Want to come over later and watch the John Stuart show, some George Lopez standup and Carl Sagan lectures??"
Liam: "Fraid not, bro, Matilda and I have plans to smoke a bowl and go to a thrift store to people watch for the lulz."
by pynchin February 02, 2013
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