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When an average and/or skinny person is doing little to no physical activity but begins to get beads of sweat or moisture that develop on their forehead and face.

This word is derived from seeing fat or obese people who complete simple tasks such as walking up a few stairs and begin to perspire on their foreheads which requires wiping their forehead dry with something such as a tissue, paper towel or handkerchief.

These symptoms are commonly found when working graveyard shift or when a person is awake for extended periods of time without regular sleep patterns. Or if a person is just straight up overweight.
Dan, a physically active and skinny guy is working graveyard shift. He is sitting at a computer typing while the temperature in the room is comfortable. He suddenly starts to develop chubby vapors on his forehead. While Dan is not "chubby" or obese, Dan has developed symptoms which a chubby or fat person may develop on their forehead when doing little or activity.
by DamandainSF January 20, 2014
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