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the act of using sarcasm in a funny manner usually relating to fat, skinny, hot and ugly people. Very funny to use, especially on noobs.
Examples of Chubby talk
Ex1. (Person 1) Here's your birthday present

(Person 2) Awh.. Who's Hot?

Ex2. (Parent) Clean your room

(Child) You are rude!!!

Ex3. (Skinny Person) Asks for a Cookie

(Chubby Person) Says: Quit the Fat!!!

Ex4. (Skinny person ) Hows the Hotness?

(Chubby person) Quit being fudgey

Ex5. (Person 1) Wait till you see my new hat

(Person 2) Awh bbz that is hot..

(Person 3) Who's a little geek?
by sheamasbuttercup August 18, 2010
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