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1. Dick Lugar's name if he was a gangster.
2. Great name for a pornstar gangster.
3. A guy who's like a derringer revolver--a little small but plenty powerful.
1. Bro 1: Wouldn't it be cool if Dick Lugar ran the mob in Indiana?
Bro 2: He'd have to change his name to Chubby Derringer.
Bros 1&2: EXTREME!!!

2. I need a good name for the mob boss in this porno I'm writing....Chubby Derringer!!

3. Chick 1: So how was that guy you hooked up with last night?
Chick 2: OMFG incredible he was like a chubby derringer!
Bros 1&2(sadly, because they're just plain small from all the steroids): extreme.....
by boosh chugger May 11, 2009
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