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See also: Chunkalicious. A compund of chubby & delicious.

Noun. A positive state of being chubby. A sexy overweight person. Something that flatters a large body.

Adj. Deliciously chubby, Desirably large-bodied


An overweight person who wears it well, dresses cute, is desirable and owns his/her body!

An outfit that makes a larger body look bangin'!
"Mmm, girl. The way dem Zani Di jeans hug your chubalicious curves makes me wanna take you home tonight and rip em off!"

While shopping at Torrid, you pull out a hot new teddy and hold it up for your girls to see exclaiming: "This. is. chubalicious! Tommy will love this on me! He's gonna tear it up!"
by DJ Chubalicious March 16, 2010
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