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The big gem of a school called Chryston High is planted in the middle of Chryston and Muirhead, near Glasgow in Scotland. Basically Hell in the educational form, with many types of people attending from the 'Popular Kids all the way down to the social retards. These pupils are noticeable in the area, normally wearing a blue and black tie, with the face of someone that has lost hope in it all. The locals will definitely notice this 'school' after the old building is demolished causing lost souls and demons to fly out from the haunted structure, with the new building soon to become a victim of this. Attending Chryston gives you an aura something similar to an acid trip, fused with a depressant. This school comes with a unique set of teachers, and by unique..I mean special, with about 80% of them being stir crazy and/or mentally delusional, with the extra 20 still in the 'real world.' You won't find another school like this one. Trust me, you really won't.
Example 1

Pupil: Sir! I've got a problem here!
Teacher: You are an excellent pupil of Chryston High School!
Pupil: I asked a question, sir?
Teacher: I will deal with you when I am ready!
Pupil: W T F

Example 2

Pupil: Sir, I don't get this
Teacher: J-just sit doon and get on wi' the hard sums
Pupil: But sir, you're meant to help me!
Teacher: What am I meant to dae? I'm no Harry Potter!
Pupil: ...

Example 3

Pupil: Sir?
Teacher: EVERYONE QUIET!!!!!!
Pupil: .....
Teacher: Good anger? Strong anger?
Pupil: Eh, what?

Example 4

Teacher: ....And that's why Daleks are real.
Pupil: Uhh sir, you're supposed to be teaching us the course.
Teacher: Quiet!! I was at the dentist the other day and he drilled a hole in my jaw.
Pupil: .......
by AndrewC1995 April 13, 2011
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