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A Role-Playing game for the PC created in the "old-school" style of Final Fantasy IV, V, or VI. Breaks several long-held RPG conventions (such as your main character actually being a hero) with enhanced graphics/sound and so on.

Can purchase on or Impulse.


-25+ hours of game-play

-Classic Mode 7 graphics

-Side-view Active-time Battles (ATB) reminiscent of the classic console RPGs

-Full-Screen/Windowed Mode Toggle

-Enhanced graphics and sound!

-Optional quests and bonus dungeons!

-Beautifully orchestrated soundtrack by Kevin Macleod

-Decisions you and your party make will affect whether other characters or even NPCs live or die and much more!

Enter a world of shadowy intrigue where stained pasts collide with the present in an explosive confrontation that will define one young man's dark destiny as he attempts to thwart the machinations of a true evil beyond all imagining...
You played Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode I Tides of Fate yet? Move over Final Fantasy, you've been replaced.
by HexGamer1 May 20, 2011
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