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The Best Mexican food join in orange county, CA. If you haven't tried them your really missing out.
Man1: dude, lets go get some chronic when where done surfing..
Man2: yea bra...
Man1: dude!....
Man2: whatt!?
Man1: lets go get some chronic gringo Breakfast Burritos before we go surfing bra.
man2: chhyyeaaa.. chronic tacos
by thugsurferthugdude February 03, 2010
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The chronic taco is a step by step sex procedure. The male begins by rolling a joint and placing it unlit into the girl's vagina. The male then lights the joint and lets it burn for approximately five minutes. The joint is then removed and smoked by both the participants. The joint is then put back in the vagina for an additional five minutes the opposite way as to inflate the vagina with smoke. It is then removed and the male eats out the girl, getting quite high, as she enjoys what remains of the joint.
1) Dude, me and my girl had a chronic taco last night!
by The 4 other guys August 06, 2010
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