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Chronic Cold Neck Syndrome is a false illness, usually used by students who require to wear a uniform or people who have hickeys. This illness allows them to cover their necks for as long as they wish.

Symptoms of Chronic Cold Neck Syndrome include chills or goosebumps (whether they are present all over the body or are isolated to the neck), headaches, and a sore neck.

The only cure for Chronic Cold Neck Syndrome is to cover one's neck with something warm - turtlenecks and scarves work well. One may cover their neck for as long as they wish, or until one's peers actually look up the illness.
Teacher: "Why are you wearing that scarf? It's not an accepted uniform piece! To the principal's office with you!"

Student: "But I have to wear it. I've got a pretty bad case of Chronic Cold Neck Syndrome."

Teacher: "Oh. Well, that's okay, then."
by Rougemont November 18, 2009
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