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A mental defect that makes you think you have discovered a place that already has people living there.

Those with this syndrome often take the stuff of the people living there because they think it's just lying around unclaimed. They also do whatever they want to the people living there, because this syndrome makes the sufferer believe that those are not really people. Finally, people with this syndrome often simply take over the property without really noticing the people who were already using it.

This syndrome was first described by Spike Lee in speaking of urban gentrification.
Here’s the thing: I grew up here in Fort Greene. I grew up here in New York. Then comes the motherfuckin’ Christopher Columbus Syndrome. You can’t discover this! We been here. You just can’t come and bogart. There were brothers playing motherfuckin’ African drums in Mount Morris Park for 40 years and now they can’t do it anymore because the new inhabitants said the drums are loud. We bought the motherfuckin’ house in nineteen-sixty-motherfuckin’-eight and now you call the cops? In 2013? Get the fuck outta here! Nah. You can’t do that. You can’t just come in the neighborhood and start bogarting and say, like you’re motherfuckin’ Columbus and kill off the Native Americans.
by rewinn October 16, 2014
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