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In memory of Christopher Vincent Waters, who passed away September 8 2010. Hey bro, if you can hear me man, I still never got a chance to show off my new J's. And dude, you were my homie for life, you taught me so much, even how to flirt properly xD. But I'd never forget you man, no one would, you'll always be with us man, no homo. Haha, Vincent was the best friend anyone could have, and he's probably one of the smartest, coolest, and funkiest dudes walking this universe now. He's a mere memory now, but one we'll never forget those times when you backed up all of us, and hey, remember during PE all those funny times me and you trash talked Kianna so much XD those were good times, man. Haha and all those times you and my girl argued whether the Chargers or Cowboys are better, those were good times too.

But before I go, one last thing to say; you taught me so much, and I wouldn't be where where I am right now, just remembering how we met in first grade brings a tear to my eye man. You never lost faith in me bro, well that's most of what I got to say. Just know this man, you'll always be with us, we love you bro, and you're probably in heaven right now. P.S: Give 'em hell, yeah?
No one else in this world could be as cool as Christopher Vincent Waters, we love and miss you bro.
by Hopxy September 10, 2010
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