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A sexy boy who loves to tell jokes and clown people but cares about people he love and never will hurt them he loves to party, have fun, play basketball and just do him
Christopher Johnson is that nigga who can clown and always make the girls laugh.
by Christopher Dwayne Johnson October 24, 2014
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Christopher Johnson's tend to be shy individuals, but don't be fooled: when a Christopher Johnson emerges from his shell, it is like seeing the brightest, heart-warming rays of sunshine, on a rainy, cloud-besmirched day. His shyness acts as an obstacle in getting to know him, but don't give up. Once you know him, you'll discover that he's one of the most thoughtful, witty, intelligent people that you will ever encounter. Sometimes, when you're nattering away, to him, it may seem like he's not listening, but truth be told, he's always listening. Arguments and debates are his strong points (you can almost, never win.) He makes you smile, and laugh inadvertently- you don't even realise you're smiling, until he points it out with a magical, charming chuckle, in his voice. You feel like you could easily spend the rest of your life, in blissful contentment with him, even through the arguments, and the fights. In a nutshell, he's everything you've been looking for. They are also the most down right SEXY men you will every meet, they have tanned skin, hot abs, and last they have everything a girl with good taste for boys, would want...
Oh my f-ing god!! Did you see that Christopher Johnson!? He's soooo SEXY HOT! I could just go to be with him and fall in love with him a over again!
by Mason Ray Perkins October 21, 2017
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