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The text messages, BlackBerry Messenger messages, etc. messages, that one receives on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. May become annoying after many are received.

Can be used for several purposes:

1. To gain attention from peers. Often interpreted as sincerely spreading Christmas cheer.

2. To sincerely spread Christmas cheer. Often interpreted as gaining attention from peers.

3. To send a mass text to all one's contacts with the hidden intent of sending a message to the ex who no longer talks to you but you still care about. Is often brutally obvious. The sender often needs to move on and fucking forget about it.

4. Something to do when your family is making you bored as hell.

5. To make fun of your Jewish friends.
Merry Christmas everyone! ~Jessica

Mike: wtf. i hate getting these Christmas texts. they're fucking annoying.
by atesantasreindeerwithlatkes December 25, 2009
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