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Another name for Great Lakes Christmas Ale because of its crack like characteristics. Unlike traditional brews, it is only offered for 2 months out of the year, thus making people go crazy trying to consume as much as possible. Due to it's alcohol content and smooth rich flavor, often victims of it's use become belligerent, punching walls, kissing the floor, speaking in tongues, and black-out quality memory.
Jay: Dude, did you see Dean over there, he has crazy eyes and I can't understand anything he's saying.
Matt: It's cool. It's the holidays and he has been enjoying alot of Christmas Crack
Jay: Tis the Season


You could tell when it is getting close to the end of the Holiday season because its hard to your hands on Christmas Crack
by citybytheBay November 06, 2009
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That irresistible dessert that's out on the Christmas buffet table, that you can't stop eating. Often 50% sugar, 50% grease, these spiked sugary concoctions create a fast addiction.
Hey Bob, you look like shit! What happened?

Dude, Mike made this Christmas Crack concoction and I ate 3 pounds of it! I'm still coming down off my sugar buzz.
by Steve Fraser December 26, 2008
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