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The name you assign to a birthday party, especially if:
1). Your birthday happens to fall during that unfortunate period after Christmas but before New Years eve.

2). You love tolerance, partying and a consuming a famous drink known as the Jonathan Nauck.
3). You NEED to get that last little bit of love out of your system before "The Man" starts holding you down (with his iron fist) once again.
1."Damn, Sheila, I haven't walked right since Christmahanukwanzathon"!

"Well, I guess not, Renee. You was twerkin' on everything but a lamp post"!

2. "Dude, did you see Bill last night? That boy is NASTY!"

"Don't be hatin', bro. Christmahanukwanzathon brought out the beast in that man".

"The beast or the devil or some shit. Either way, he best be apologizin' to my sister on Monday"!
by Black Panties December 27, 2013
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