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High class, well dressed, athletic, geniuses. Not to mention they all look good. This all boys school located in Lincroft wins everything. These boys have national Nike Cross Country titles, All Star basketball pros, NJ State winning soccer, and nationally ranked Chess and Math teams. With an Olympic sizes pool the swim team is looking for even more titles to add. Along with the CBA Crew team, a team that travel all the way to Seattle, Washington just to WIN.

In short CBA boys are winners.
Charlie Sheen is winning but CBA (Christian Brothers Academy) simply wins.
by The Zebra Man December 09, 2012
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the worst school in the world, People think they're so privileged because they're coming from there expensive lives and when it comes to reality they don't know how to face it so they bully the kids that work hard to get into the school instead of paying their way in. Kids at CBA say it is the best school ever to sound snobby and privileged meanwhile they're all stupid and don't do anything for themselves. Also, the faculty says they will help you with anything you need but if you try and talk to them they make you feel like an idiot. At CBA you do not create a brotherhood you create a bond that only exists because everyone there is trying to be better than one another.
CBA student: Christian brothers academy is great, best school ever.
Public school student: really that's cool
CBA student on the inside: CBA sucks why did I just say its great?
by swagtron5000 February 16, 2019
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