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Combination of Christmas and Hanukkah
(phonetic onica for Hanukkah)
Signifies combined celebration of the
two Holidays Christmas and Hanukkah
by mixed religon familes (couples)

in stories by Susan Miller
(Parkinsons writer, poet, author)
"In a secret meeting beween Harry and Santa:
(Harry Hanukkah to Santa Claus)
Why doesn't Hanukkah get top billing?
WHY does it have to be CHRISonica?
Instead it should be "HonicaMas"?

Hanukkah comes first almost every year and lasts longer!
(Santa replies to Hanukkah Harry)
Harry be reasonable the reason is simply Chrisonica is more Phonica .
By having Chrisonica we make more Monyca$ makeing it a longer Holidonica.

Hanukkah Harry seeing the immense logic
in Santa's words had to agree. The New Holiday should be called ChrisOnica for the love of Monyca$.
"Merry Chrisonica to one and a Happy
New Chrysonica to all"

(Susan Miller c 1986)
by Ed Austin December 31, 2005
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