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Noun, Verb, Adjective:
Noun: A hockey player who is often known for scoring on his own net. Also used to name any random person with no relation to the user whatsoever. Variations of this noun are Chris Phillips, CPhilly, Chris and Philly.
Verb: The word Chris or Phillips can be used to replace virtually any other verb in the english language.
Adjective: It`s Chris. Not cool, not lame, etc. It`s Chris
Using Noun:

Person A(To a passerby or random person): CHRIS PHILLIPS!!

Using Verb: Person A: Dude what are you doing?
Person B: Nothing just Chrissing around.

Using Adjective: Person A: Did you see that girl?
Person B: Yeah, she`s so Chris.
by It`sChrisPhillips!! June 11, 2011
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