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The most talented member of the Glee cast. He can dance. He can act his ass off. He has killer range.

One minute he was cute as a button, the next, he was supermegafoxyawesomehot. He should win any award he's nominated for because he's that good.
Girl: Did you watch Glee last night?
Kurtsie: Oh my god! wasn't it awesome!? Chris Colfer looked damn fine! He had me in tears again!
Girl: I know dude!
by ProudKurtsie October 17, 2010
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A gorgeous,immensely talented man who has the fierceness of Beyonce,the class of Julie Andrews and the work ethic of Meryl Streep! Also known to have the humor of Ellen Degeneres,the naturing hugs and wisdom of Oprah! And last but certaintly not least he embodies the magic ability of storytelling the 'Grimm Brothers'!
Chris Colfer is flawless, he hips lie when they swing to beat 'Single ladies'!

He has a never ending collection of Llamas and a badass cat named Brian!

I heard his books have been known to bring people of all ages joy all over the world.

They constantly are in the best sellers list and 'Good Reads' and the 'Newyork Times' praise them!

Did you know fans come from far and wide just to get a glimpse of this man?

He even acts as an inconic character Kurt Hummel on the Fox Tv show 'Glee'!

Many lives have been saved, and so many others inspired!
by al0v3lygrl December 04, 2013
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The most talented, beautiful, sweet, supermegafoxyawesomehot human being that ever lived or ever will.
Gleek: Did you see glee last night?
Kurtsie: OF COURSE! How AWESOME was Chris Colfer?!?!?
by Colferesqueness May 17, 2012
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Chris Colfer play an openly gay student on the popular tv show Glee. He won a Golden Globe for his insane talents, which just goes to show all the dicks that bullied him in high school.
Bully 1: Hey do you remember Chris Colfer from high school?
Bully 2: Yeah I heard he just won a Golden Globe.
Bully 1: Man we really should have been nicer to him.
by rosiepeverell January 26, 2011
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