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When you do something outright stupid, but it is normal to everyone.
For example, if you work in a NOC and throwing darts, balls, and random misc items, but no one give af.
This is a Chris Ly move.
You also have to say penis and gayest things every time you have a conversation (blondes love this).
Never ever have a legit conversation, always end with penis.
Anthony, you have said a lot of weird things lately.
You are starting to sound like Chris Ly!
by TheErectTacoofPenisLand June 29, 2018
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Chrisly is a caramel brown nigga that makes people laugh and is very lovable. He likes sport and doesn't laugh around his friends. He is a silly billy. Playing PS4 is good for your health.
by Sycosym May 24, 2018
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