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a sexual paraphilia. (or sometimes a sexual fetishism) this is where Sexual arousal or pleasure is derived from being robbed, conned, cheated, blackmailed or otherwise forced to loose out fiscally by a partner or complete stranger.

the strong emotions of frustration, annoyance, rage, fear or submission are subconsciously drawn upon by the person with Chremastistophilia and focused into sexual arousal/gratification. this is seen as Edge play as it can be genuinely life threatening to seek out a stranger to rob oneself purely for sexual release.

in recent years the genera of fetish websites focused at such people has grown dramatically.
financial dominants, chat with their 'financial submissives' and talk about what the dominant will do wit money 'taken' from the submissive, and generally stirr the strong emotions that fuel this paraphilia.
young girl: " you know you want to buy me the car. if you don't I'll just tease it out of you anyway. You know you love me taking your money. *giggles*"

Chremastistophilia dude: aww damn! *folds, buys car, and goes off to masturbate*

Chremastistophilia sucks ass!
by lilpaypig December 15, 2008
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