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A bar that draws a healthy crowd of Chotches - generic, well dressed, absent minded douches.

These types of bars play the finest in generic, bullshit chart topping pop music. Their idea of classic rock would be Bon Jovi, maybe some Bruce Sprigsteen and the finest mix of one hit wonders.
Hot chicks tend to go to chotch bars, as chotches fit the perfect mold for the corporate world and often times make a decent living - and women like money.

Chotch bars don't have many good beers on tap.
All drinks cost in the double digits.
Their number 1 selling beer is Cornona.
Chotch: Hey I like this place. Great strobe lights.

Chotch 2: Totally, bro. You want a drink?

Chotch: Get some cornona's bro! Oh and a Blue moon! Don't skimp on the limes. haha

Chotch 2: Totally brah!

Some dude in the chotch bar: Fuck this fucking joint.
by Shrine Monkey August 03, 2009
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