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A non-stop Saturday morning competition designed by parents to make their children's life a "livin' hell". Similar to the Olympics - Chore-a-thon is a major international event in which thousands of children participate in a variety of competitions. These include the 100M mop, freestyle bowl scrub, laundry toss and synchronized dusting. Parents - like the IOC rule over the games and govern activities to ensure participants abide by the rules. The closing ceremonies of Chore-a-thon end with spectacular melt downs and screaming fits of "forced labor" or "unfairness" which result in threats to call Children's Aid and/or Police.
"Dude I'm stuck inside today. My parents are holding 'Chore-a-thon' and my old man has hope I might be the next Phelps!
by illustrasean August 18, 2012
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